TensCare Nouri Auto-Single Electric Breast Pump

Smart dual-mode automatic breast pump

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    What you need to know

    • Expression and massage modes
    • 8 suction settings for comfort & speed
    • 13 attachments and pumping tools
    • Lighted for day or night pumping
    • Soft, comfortable breast shields
    • Use daily, as needed to quickly pump breastmilk

    2 Year Warranty Official Tenscare Retailer

    Our Expert View

    New mums need the convenience and simplicity of an automatic breast pump. The TensCare Nouri Auto-Single electric breast pump offers both. With soft breast shields and a night light, pump whenever and wherever you need to.

    This complete system offers two modes - massage and rapid expression - for easy pumping. For each mode, 8 suction settings are included. The TensCare Nouri Auto-Single electric breast pump system includes 2 x 150ml bottles as well, so you have milk ready on the go for your little one. Simply clean all the parts and connect them, wash and position the pump around your breast.

    Turn on the Nouri and it will begin in massage mode. You can change the settings up or down to make the suction stronger or lighter. Then after 2 minutes, it will move to expression mode. For rapid mode, press and hold the M button to get done faster. When finished, clean and store.

    What's Inside

    • TensCare Nouri Auto Electric Pump
    • 2 x Bottle (150ml)
    • 1 x Feeding teat and cap
    • 1 x Diaphragm
    • 1 x Tube
    • 1 x Breast Shield
    • 1 x Shield cover
    • 1 x Shield connector
    • 1 x Bottlecap
    • 1 x USB cable
    • 1 x Bottle dock
    • 2 x Bottle valve
    • 1 x Diaphragm cap


    Our Story


    About Us


    why it works

    The TensCare Nouri Auto-Single electric breast pump works because it's a complete kit and smart system with everything you need for easy pumping. The two modes work together to encourage milk production and then steadily or rapidly pump the milk into the 150 ml bottles.

    With the soft shield and night light, you can even use the TensCare Nouri Auto-Single electric breast pump comfortably at night. Start by sterilising everything. Then attach the parts. This is quick and easy to do. Clean your hands and your breast. Then centre the pump around your nipple and turn it on.

    The programme will automatically run to start pumping breast milk. When you're done, clean everything and store it for the next use. With 13 attachments and pumping tools, the TensCare Nouri Auto-Single electric breast pump has everything you need for quick and discreet pumping.

    it's as simple as

    Step 1: Clean all the parts of the pump.

    Step 2: Clean your hands and breast.

    Step 3: Centre the pump around your nipple.

    Step 4: Turn on and follow the programme.

    Step 5: When finished, clean and store.

    make it personal

    The TensCare Nouri Auto-Single electric breast pump lets you pump day or night with its easy features and lighted system. And the BPA free device is simple to take apart for a confident clean. Pump quickly and easily with the TensCare Nouri Auto-Single electric breast pump.

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