Sensica Sensismooth Pedicure Pad Kit

Intense exfoliating & smoothing foot pads

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    What you need to know

    • Two pedicure pads for the Sensica Sensismooth Whole-Body Exfoliator Device
    • Feet pumice pad removes tough dry skin and pedicure pad buffs around all corners
    • In just one treatment, 98% of users were satisfied
    • Replace the pedicure pads to personalise your treatment
    • Smart pressure sensor protects skin from damage
    • Use for 10-15 seconds per area each week

    2 Year Warranty Official Sensica Retailer

    Our Expert View

    The Sensica Sensismooth Pedicure Pad Kit for the Sensica Sensismooth Whole-Body Exfoliator Device helps get your feet sandal-ready. Pop each pad on and off for quick treatments anywhere. The Sensica Sensismooth Pedicure Pad Kit removes dead skin and rough patches on your feet including the toes and heel for soft, supple skin.

    Get into every nook with the Adapt2U technology that moulds to your curves at the toes, ankles and more. You can't go too hard either as the Sensica Sensismooth will shut itself off. Use the Adapt2U Pedicure pad to buff your whole foot and the Feet Pumice pad as a natural tool against rough skin for beach-ready toes every time.

    In just a few seconds each week, reveal smooth and soft feet that last. Focus on any problem areas to speed results, just don't use for more than 5 minutes per session.

    What's Inside

    • Sensica Sensismooth Adapt2U Pedicure Pad
    • Sensica Sensismooth Feet Pumice Pad


    Our Story


    About Us


    it's as simple as

    Step 1: Pick the Sensica Sensismooth Adapt2U Pedicure Pad or the Sensica Sensismooth Feet Pumice Pad. Pop it onto the device.

    Step 2: Choose a speed and smooth the device over your feet for 10-15 seconds per area. Don't treat for longer than 5 minutes. Use as needed or once per week.

    Step 3: Clean each pad with soap and water. Air dry and store.

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