Pietro Simone The Fierce Body Oil (6.76 oz)

6-in-1 retexturizing body oil

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    What you need to know

    • Has 4 unique oil blends including retinol for skin resurfacing
    • Plus added smoothing and healing complex
    • Evens out skin tone, cellulite, sun damage, stretch marks, orange peel skin
    • Creates a barrier to protect against envoirnomental damages
    • Safe for all skin types, tones, genders and ages
    • Use nightly on unbroken skin

    Over 10,000 Pietro Simone products sold worldwide Official Pietro Simone Retailer

    Our Expert View

    Pietro Simone The Fierce Body Oil contains a super-charged blend of 4 different lipids (oils) plus a skin regenerator and retexturizer. When used every day, Pietro Simone The Fierce Body Oil is great for repairing uneven skin texture and tone, blurring dimpled, cellulite or orange peel skin, reducing pigmentation, reversing the signs of sun damage and soothing stretch marks.

    Just dispense a few pumps and warm in your hands, then firmly massage upwards into the skin for an additional lift. Pietro Simone The Fierce Body Oil is safe for all but your most sensitive areas.

    And it's made for any age or gender to use without GMOs or other nasties. With 6.76 oz per bottle, you'll be able to treat any body skin concern and top up throughout the day on any areas of dryness.

    What's Inside

    • Pietro Simone The Fierce Body Oil 6.76 oz


    Our Story


    About Us


    why it works

    Pietro Simone The Fierce Body Oil starts its healing magic with a blend of 4 oil complexes. Mfula marula oil, mideka ximenia oil, wala moringa seed oil, nigella and more work together to balance the skin barrier, protect from environmental damage and deeply hydrate the skin.

    This is supported by a retinol which resurfaces your skin to make orange peel skin, cellulite, stretch marks, dimples and more virtually disappear. Lastly, Pietro Simone, The Fierce Body Oil is infused with the skin regenerating Italian Bella Complex that's across the whole Fierce skincare line.

    When combined, these potent formulae go to work repairing, rebalancing, protecting and healing your skin for a more even texture, tone and youthful look with daily use. Apply it all over your body to any areas of skin concerns and top up as needed to fight dryness.

    it's as simple as

    Step 1: Use once per day in the evenings on skin concerns.

    Step 2: Warm 2-3 pumps in the hand.

    Step 3: Massage into skin concerns.

    Step 4: Repeat as needed on dry skin.

    make it personal

    Pietro Simone The Fierce Body Oil is a hydration powerhouse and skin resurfacing hero for a range of issues from stretch marks to cellulite. Use it once per day on your thighs, legs, bum, arms and tum. - anywhere you want to soothe issues like orange peel skin, tighten sags and firm bingo wings.

    And then just top up as needed on any dry patches. Over time, get the smooth and supple body skin you've always wanted when you use Pietro Simone The Fierce Body Oil daily.

    Additional Information


    Due to the Retinol compound, we highly recommend to use an SPF 50 when in direct light exposure.

    Due to the nature of the Retinol, redness, tingling and superficial exfoliation will possibly occur and is to be expected. This is the skin’s natural reaction.

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