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World’s most powerful light therapy device and universal skincare solution

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    What you need to know

    • 4 LED light therapy facial treatments in 1 mask, using 5 different wavelengths
    • 109% more powerful than other multi-treatment LED masks
    • 360 high quality LED bulbs deliver optimal power
    • LED Facial Mapping for zoned facial treatments designed to target different skin concerns
    • Clinically proven to increase skin clarity, luminosity and brightness
    • Pillow Technology™ evenly diffuses the LED light to ensure maximum skin coverage
    • Double straps offer a more secure and more comfortable user experience
    • Use daily for 4 weeks to achieve desired results

    Over 150¸000 CurrentBody Skin products sold worldwide

    Our Expert View

    Introducing the latest in LED technology, the CurrentBody Skin 4-in-1 LED Face Mask, is engineered for powerful, customisable skin treatments. Say goodbye to dull and uneven skin tone as the mask works to restore skin brightness, clarity and elasticity.

    109% more powerful than other multi-treatment LED masks, this flexible mask uses 5 precise wavelengths within 4 targeted treatment modes, to address 18 different skin concerns with ease.

    World’s first LED Facial Mapping tackles multiple skincare concerns in one single treatment to provide a powerful, universal treatment in just 10 minutes.

    360 LED bulbs are diffused with our patented Pillow Technology™ for complete skin coverage, to enhance the efficacy and distribution of the clinically proven LED wavelengths.

    What's Inside

    • CurrentBody Skin 4-in-1 LED Face Mask
    • USB-C Charging Cable
    • Comfort Goggles
    • Strap & Storage Bag
    • Controller
    • User Manual


    Our Story


    About Us




    Near-infrared (830nm), red (633nm), deep red (660nm)

    Designed for intensive anti-ageing, this treatment increases wrinkle resistance and skin gloss by stimulating natural collagen production deep below the skin’s surface.


    Near-infrared (830nm), green (532nm)

    Specifically engineered for reducing hyperpigmentation, while diluting pigment for more even skin and brighter skin tone. This treatment also balances oil production, boosts luminosity and radiance.


    Near-infrared (830nm), yellow (590nm)

    Expert treatment for restoring skin elasticity, firmness and barrier vitality. Encourages faster healing with cell renewal, while reducing transepidermal water loss, soothing facial redness, along with improving skin moisture content and overall texture.


    Near-infrared (830nm), red (633nm), deep red (660nm), green (525nm), yellow (590nm)

    It’s the full LED coverage for a complete facial treatment that utilises LED Facial Mapping to uniquely address common skin concerns.


    Exclusive only to the Complete treatment, LED Facial Mapping strategically utilises specific wavelengths based on clinically proven zoned facial mapping to effectively target a range of skin concerns.

    Red (633nm) & Deep Red (660nm)

    Targeting the forehead, jowls and around the mouth, red LED light therapy is ideal for plumping the skin, while pressing fine lines and wrinkles.

    Green ( 532nm)

    Concentrated around the eye area specifically to fade hyperpigmentation, dark circles and eye bags.

    Yellow (590nm)

    Focusing on the most acne-prone areas of the face to help heal and reduce facial redness on the cheeks, nose and chin.


    There are 4 factors that determine the efficacy of an LED mask; power, precision, coverage and duration.

    POWER: This is how much light emits from each bulb, determining how much energy comes into contact with the skin. Too much, and the skin cells may be damaged.

    PRECISION: The optimal wavelength for activating cellular rejuvenation must be precise. As different skin concerns respond to different wavelengths (visualised as colours), every wavelength must be as precise as possible.

    COVERAGE: This signifies how much of the skin is covered with LED light throughout the entire treatment. A mask with optimal coverage ensures complete, even light distribution over the entire skin’s surface.

    DURATION: Calculated based on the above factors of power, coverage and precision. Too short a treatment time paired with a low power density is ineffective. A treatment time too long paired with a high power intensity, the skin may be damaged.


    The CurrentBody Skin 4-in-1 LED Face Mask has the perfect balance of power intensity to ensure clinic-grade results using LLLT (low-level light therapy) to deliver the most precise, clinically proven wavelengths. Unique Pillow Technology™ refracts the light, evenly dispersing and delivering complete LED coverage to the skin’s surface. These wavelengths of light are absorbed by the skin cells, causing them to biologically react. This is where cellular rejuvenation happens.

    With an optimised treatment duration to reflect the power output and precision, the CurrentBody Skin 4-in-1 LED Face Mask is proven to be at least 109% more powerful and effective than any other at-home LED mask on the market.


    Embedded with 360 LED bulbs, clinically proven wavelengths are diffused with Pillow Technology™ for complete skin coverage. This innovative technology enhances the efficacy and distribution of high quality LED wavelengths.

    Unlike regular LED devices with poor light distribution, Pillow Technology™ provides an even coverage on the skin’s surface, leaving no gaps. This allows skin cells to effectively absorb the maximum amount of beneficial light energy for the best results possible.


    Step 1: Conduct a sensitivity test (see contraindications).

    Step 2: Cleanse your skin and pat dry.

    Step 3: Secure and adjust the strap around your head.

    Step 4: Select your treatment mode on the controller and turn on your device.

    Step 5: Sit back and relax for your 10-minute session.

    Step 6: Remove, wipe clean and safely store in the protective storage bag.

    Step 7: Continue with the rest of your skincare routine.

    Step 8: Use daily for 4 weeks to achieve desired results.

    Discover more

    Important Information


    Ask your doctor prior to using if you:

    Are taking prescription or over-the-counter drugs known to cause light sensitivity. You can find more information and a list of drugs that can cause light sensitivity at: LED Contraindications.

    Have any suspicious or cancerous lesions.

    Have any photosensitive disorders or any genetic conditions of the eye.

    Test yourself for light sensitivity prior to using:

    Step 1: Power on your device.

    Step 2: Place the device on your arm and conduct a full 10 minute treatment, ensuring your skin is clean and dry before use.

    Step 3: After 10 minutes, visually check the area. If the area has turned red and this lasts for more than 2 hours, your skin has a sensitivity to light. Return the device to CurrentBody within 14 days for a full refund.

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