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Braun Skin i-Expert Pro 7 IPL PL7147
  • Braun Skin i-Expert Pro 7 IPL PL7147
  • Braun Skin i-Expert Pro 7 IPL PL7147
  • Braun Skin i-Expert Pro 7 IPL PL7147
  • Braun Skin i-Expert Pro 7 IPL PL7147
  • Braun Skin i-Expert Pro 7 IPL PL7147
  • Braun Skin i-Expert Pro 7 IPL PL7147
  • Braun Skin i-Expert Pro 7 IPL PL7147
  • Braun Skin i-Expert Pro 7 IPL PL7147
  • Braun Skin i-Expert Pro 7 IPL PL7147
  • Braun Skin i-Expert Pro 7 IPL PL7147
  • Braun Skin i-Expert Pro 7 IPL PL7147

Skin i-Expert Pro 7 IPL PL7147

Braun's first smart app connected hair removal device

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  1. Braun Skin i-Expert Pro 7 IPL PL7147

  2. Precision Head

  3. Venus Extra Smooth Razor

  4. Power Adapter, Power Cord & Plug

  5. Storage Pouch

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      What you need to know:

      • Visible full body hair removal after 3 weeks
      • World first, adapts to your skin like a personal beautician
      • UV filter provides built-in skin protection
      • Suitable for sensitive areas on the face and body
      • App-connected, get guidance and synced calendar plans

      Our expert view

      TThe Braun Skin i-Expert Pro 7 IPL PL7147 is the world's first smart IPL (intense pulsed light) hair removal device. Suitable for even the most sensitive areas of the face and body, this device permanently removes unwanted hair in just 3 weeks.

      Intelligent, personalized treatments

      Embrace the responsive and intelligent Skin i·expert system, tailored to learn and adapt to your needs. Connect to the app to receive real time guidance for accurate full body hair removal, every time. Enjoy personalized treatment plans that seamlessly integrate into your busy lifestyle with the smart calendar feature to accommodate to your schedule.

      Intelligent, personalized treatments

      Remove hair safely

      Get the most out of every hair removal session as if you were in the salon. The Braun Skin i-Expert Pro 7 IPL PL7147 balances a high power intensity of up to 6 J/cm² with only 0.5 seconds between light flashes This provides quick and comfortable hair removal, supported with a built-in UV filter that analyses your skin tone 80 times per second.

      Here are the benefits:

    • Easy to use, adapts the power output to your skin tone
    • Visible results after 3 weeks
    • Safe and comfortable for the face and body, including intimate areas
    • Up to 2 sensitive skin modes
    • App-connected, sync to your schedule

    • The precision caps are designed for delicate and sensitive areas, such as the face, bikini line and intimate region. The standard head is made for larger areas like the arms and legs. Activate one of two sensitive skin modes, which adjust the light intensity to ensure gentle yet effective hair removal no matter your skin tone.

      Remove hair safely
      Your questions, answered

      Your questions, answered

      Our in-house beauty tech experts answer your most commonly asked questions.

      Yes. After scanning your skin, it automatically adjusts the light intensity based on your skin tone. This ensures safe, salon-quality results.

      Due to Braun's in-built smart technology, the device will adjust the number of times it emits light per second based on your skin tone. The device is suited to men and women, providing a safe level of light from the top of the unit to remove even individual hairs from their follicles.

      For the best results we recommend shaving within a couple of hours before treatment. This will help the laser target the area better.

      You can only shave before treating with an IPL or laser device as these devices work by breaking down the hair follicle.

      The device is suitable for those with skin tones I-V on the Fitzpatrick Scale. Do not use the device on the darkest skin types, since it might cause skin damage.

      Unfortunately, the Braun device is not recommended for people with vitiligo, we would recommend a shaver for hair removal in this case.

      Repetition Rate: Every 0.5–0.9 seconds (depending on the setting), continuous operation

      Max Optical Output: 6 J/cm²

      Pulse Length: 2.6msec FWHM

      Wavelength: 510nm-2000nm

      Power Line Input: 100-40V~, 50-60Hz, 2.0 -1.0A

      Operating Temperature: 5°C-40°C

      Optimum Operating Temperature: 15°C-30°C

      Operating Humidity: Up to 93% R.H. Non-condensing

      Operating Pressures: 700hPa-1060hPa

      Standard Head: 3cm²

      Wide Head: 4cm²

      Precision Head: 1.5cm²

      DO NOT use if your skin is darker than skin tone V shown on the skin tone chart. Since dark skin absorbs more light energy, treating very dark skin may cause discomfort/pain and adverse effects (e.g., burns, blisters, discoloration or scarring) and injure your skin.

      DO NOT use if you are pregnant, lactating, or under the age of 18 as this device has not been tested with these individuals.

      DO NOT use if you have a history of skin cancer or precancerous lesions (e.g., nevi or a large number of moles).

      DO NOT use if your skin has been artificially or naturally tanned recently. Your skin may be sensitive following sun exposure and particularly susceptible to side effects of IPL treatment (e.g. burn, blister, discolour or scar to your skin).

      AVOID unprotected exposure to direct sunlight after your IPL treatment.

      DO NOT use if you have a chronic medical condition.

      DO NOT use if you have a chronic skin disease (e.g. psoriasis or vitiligo) or damaged skin (e.g. sunburn, cuts, open wounds or active infections) in the areas you wish to treat.

      DO NOT use if you have varicose veins in the area you wish to treat.

      DO NOT use if you have a known sensitivity to sunlight (photosensitivity) or are taking medication that may make the skin more sensitive (e.g. Retin A, Accutane and/or other topical retinoids).

      DO NOT use if you have had a professional skin peel treatment on the area you wish to treat.

      DO NOT use on scalp, eyebrows or anywhere near or around the eyes. Use in these areas may permanently damage your eyes.

      DO NOT use on a tattoo or permanent makeup in the treatment area.

      DO NOT use on nipples, genitals or in the anus. These areas may have a darker skin color and/or greater hair density and using the device in these areas may cause discomfort/ pain or injure your skin.

      DO NOT use on dark brown or black spots such as freckles, birthmarks, moles or warts in the treatment area.

      DO NOT use on beard / facial hair for men.

      It is not recommended to use the device on areas of skin where dermal fillers are present.

      DO NOT use more than once a week on the same area. Damage of skin may occur after prolonged or repeated treatment on one site.

      If you are unsure whether this device is safe for you to use, please consult your physician or dermatologist.

      If you take any kind of medication regularly and over a long period of time, please consult your physician for any potential impact on skin sensitivity to light.

      Need some help?

      Need some help?

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