FaceGym: The Ultimate Workout for Your Face

• 17 May 2023

Have you ever heard of a gym workout, but for your face? Introducing FaceGym, the UK-based facial workout brand offering tried-and-tested facial techniques, advanced technology and sustainable skincare. FaceGym knows that just like your body, your face deserves a workout too. Achieve your most confident skin yet with their range of at-home facial workouts that mimic their in-studio facials.

Are you ready to tone your facial muscles, decrease puffiness and energise a glowing complexion? See how real FaceGym customers reached their skincare fitness goals in the most sustainable, eco-conscious way. Here’s what you need to know to get the ball rolling.

facegym skincare

The first step in your FaceGym routine, skincare. Formulated with high performance, active ingredients designed to support your skin health no matter your age, gender or skin type. Customising a routine that works for you isn’t a challenge with 9 advanced skincare products to choose from. Not sure where to start? Try them all with the complete FaceGym Skincare Discovery Routine.

“I’m in love with FaceGym products. I’m 52 and needed a great skincare range that I could stick with, and along came FaceGym! This cream (Supreme Restructure) is excellent. The texture really helps my skin glow and feel more uniform.” – Amita.

“First, the smell is amazing. It (Youth Reformer Serum) glides on my skin and feels like a bit of luxury. My face feels hydrated and my makeup stays on well all day. It’s definitely reducing my fine lines!” As for the Hydro-Bound Daily Serum, “One of the best serums I have ever used. Sinks into my skin and gives me amazing results! I’ve invested in the whole skincare routine, it's amazing.” – Suzanne.

“I honestly was very sceptical about this cream, but I have to say the texture is gorgeous, very little smell and it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and glowing. I use this after my Brightening Active Roller.” – Claire.

facegym tools

The second step is to train your facial muscles with advanced tools that are simple enough to integrate into your daily routine, but powerful enough to pack a punch. Pick tools that make you feel good. Choose from mini facial yoga balls, sculpting and contouring inspired by gua sha, along with activated microneedle rollers.

“Absolutely love this (Mini Red Yoga Ball). Feels amazing after using it and it properly wakes me up too. Never thought a face ball could do such a good workout.” – Dawn.

 facegym multi-sculpt

“I absolutely LOVE the Multi-Sculpt by FaceGym and I am using it in my daily morning routine before putting on my makeup. I use the Face Coach Oil with it and I love how the tool's various edges and surfaces target specific areas of the face. The jaw contour is one of my favourites along with the flat surface area, which I use all over to de-puff my face. I've already seen improvements with the glow and texture of my skin and I can't wait to see the longer term results.” – Laura.

Take your FaceGym facial workout to the next level with their range of pro-level devices. Ideal for mimicking their famous in-studio facial workouts from the comfort of your own home, transform your facial fitness with EMS (electrical muscle stimulation), LED light therapy and electric microneedling.

“If I use this (FaceGym Pro) consistently over a 2-week period, people start asking me if I’ve had fillers. It really does make a difference, particularly for the cheek area. My face looks much more defined and structured.” – Natalie.

“I was intimidated at first by this (FaceGym Pro) device but it’s honestly so easy when you get the hang of it and the QR videos are so easy to follow! It's such an impressive tool to help de-puff and sculpt the face. – Sophie.

What will your FaceGym workout be?

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