The best gifts for the self-care enthusiast

• 01 November 2022

Scented candles, face masks, aromatherapy oils – they’ve got enough to last a lifetime. Yes, we’re talking about the friend who always makes time for a little self-care (and rightly so!). And nowadays, there are plenty of wellness-boosting tools that can enrich your self-care routine too. 


What it does: This mini-but-mighty at-home hair removal device uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology to stunt hair regrowth at the follicle, leaving you hair-free for months at a time.

Why it’s the perfect gift: If they prefer to be hair-free, you’ll save them endless trips to the salon!

Best for: The one who always complains about the pains of waxing and epilating.

What it does: 9 powerful ingredients work in synergy to improve sleep, reduce anxiety, boost skin’s radiance and supercharge your immune system.

Why it’s the perfect gift: Self-care made easy, these potent supplements are packed with essential vitamins and minerals to take care of your skin, body and hair from the inside out. 

Best for: A busy friend or family member that often neglects their self-care routine.

What it does: The world’s most powerful home-use LED device – it combines red, blue and infrared light to treat visible signs of ageing, acne, scarring, pigmentation, and muscle and joint pain.

Why it’s the perfect gift: The device can be used on anybody at any age and it’s the exact same technology used in salons!

Best for: Anyone who loves their in-salon Dermalux LED treatments. 

What it does: Using Smart Percussive Therapy®, this muscle massage device soothes muscle aches and pains, releases tension and improves blood flow, all in one compact, handheld device. 

Why it’s the perfect gift: They’ll be able to warm up their muscles from home, plus recover quicker in between workout sessions. 

Best for: The fitness fanatic in your life.

What it does: Made with 100% Mulberry silk and designed with unique silicone raised dots, this sleep mask blocks out light and boosts emotional relaxation so you can sleep easily.

Why it’s the perfect gift: It’s loved by beauty editors at Tatler, Glamour, Harper's Bazaar, and Forbes for its ability to send you into a relaxing and restorative slumber.

Best for: Anyone who just needs a good night’s sleep. 

What it does: Clever engineering means this sex toy is like no other, it is programmed to mimic the strokes of the tongue for a fuller-feeling orgasmic building sensation.

Why it’s the perfect gift: Self-pleasure is self-care too! It helps us to connect with ourselves both physically and emotionally.

Best for: Anyone wanting to experience some utterly sensational climaxes.

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Issy Luke Beauty Editor
As our Senior Brand (Product) Executive, Issy has extensive knowledge about beauty devices, industry technologies and clinical studies from around the globe. Her background in Commercial and Digital Marketing, along with her BSc in International Business has made Issy an epicentre of information. When she's not researching the newest technologies, you can find her in a Spin Class or enjoying an Aperol Spritz.
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