Let's talk biology

• 13 September 2021

The first step in promoting female sexual pleasure and health is increasing awareness of our biological structure. Each component of the female reproductive system is important, but not all of it contributes to sexual pleasure. Hopefully, this quick overview will help you understand all lady bits better.

Women’s sexual organs for sexual pleasure

  • Vagina - The vagina is the opening in the vulva that allows fluids and blood to escape the body. It accepts toys like the Lora DiCarlo Osé 2, fingers, tongue or a penis for penetrative sex. And it expands to allow birth during labour. It lubricates, constricts and cushions during arousal. Through it, you can reach the g-spot using devices like the LELO SORAYA 2.
  • Vulva - The vulva is usually mislabelled as the vagina, but it only includes the opening, lips, clitoris and urethra. It allows you to remove urine from the body and contains the clitoris which is a whole organ just for female sexual pleasure you can stimulate with toys like the Womanizer PREMIUM. Lastly, both sets of labia do swell with arousal, further adding to the pleasure.
  • Perineum - This muscle cluster supports childbirth, the genitals and anus. And increases the grip on anything in the vagina, improving pleasure overall. Decreased muscle tone can be repaired through pelvic floor training with devices like the Elvie Personal Trainer.

    Women’s sexual organs not related to sexual pleasure

    • Uterus- This is the organ in a woman’s lower abdomen that prepares itself each month through menstruation to accept the implanting of a fertilised egg. It has no role in sexual pleasure, but new sex tech products for period care like the &SISTERS Nüdie Period Cup are great management options.
    • Fallopian tube - These tubes are on either side of the uterus, collect the eggs and transport them to the uterus for fertilisation. They have no contribution to sexual pleasure.
    • Ovary - These two sacks hold and release eggs that can lead to pregnancy if fertilised. It has no bearing on pleasure.

      Women’s sexual organs we’re not sure about

      • Cervix - It keeps the baby inside the uterus until labour begins. Some women report a cervical orgasm during deep penetrative sex, but the jury is still out on this one.

        Other general female erogenous zones outside of sexual organs

        • Anus - While its main function is removing solid waste from the body. Many people enjoy anal sex, anal play or oral-anal stimulation.
        • Nipples - While their main function is producing breast milk for human infants, some people can enjoy a form of orgasm through nipple play alone. Many clitoral stimulators can be used on the nipples as well.
        • Mouth - From speech to eating, the mouth is important for many things outside of sex, but many people find pleasure from kissing, biting, licking and giving oral sex.
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